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Stockport: Not Just a Place for Business

May 09, 2018
A long time ago this former mill town was born, and as time passed it grew. Mills and canals were produced as the industrial revolution began and the famous viaduct was built during the Victorian era [more]
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Business: A metaphor for life?

Apr 17, 2018
A wise man once said life moves in cycles. Put quite simple life is very much a series of peaks and valleys. When you’re soaring high you don’t think about the times when you were firmly on the ground [more]
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Trust in your Team: Achieve Great Things

Mar 08, 2018
A report by Reward Gateway has found that more than 50 per cent of employees would rather work for a company where they received recognition than over a higher salary job where they didn’t get any rec [more]
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City Centre Growing Fast

Mar 05, 2018
A new report has showed that Manchester city centre is the fastest growing centre in the country, with office blocks, hotels, and professional and student accommodation all currently being undertaken. [more]
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Get Digital: Grow Your Business

Jan 29, 2018
First off cyberspace can seem daunting, that huge chasm of seemingly endless information stretching far and wide across the global online community. But then the key word is global, once a business ta [more]
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New Year: New Business

Jan 17, 2018
As the holiday season recedes into the past, and a new year comes to pass, what will you do with it? Take up jogging? Lose weight? Cut down on alcohol? Or will you focus on fulfilling your entrepreneu [more]
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Living the Dream: Selling Businesses

Nov 24, 2017
New research has showed that the amount of money people make may not be the be all and end all to having the perfect job. Research by recruitment specialist Robert Half UK have found that being happy, [more]
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Innovation in Selling Businesses

Nov 09, 2017
More and more companies are turning to communication training to encourage creativity and innovation in business. Some leading businesses are even using dramatic techniques such as improvisation and p [more]
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Selling Businesses: Taxi to Success

Nov 01, 2017
New York has Little Italy now it seems Manchester has Little Venice. But I am not talking about gondolas, I’m talking about Waxis. First introduced last year this water taxi route was being used to co [more]
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Selling Businesses: The Future

Oct 09, 2017
Technology is slowly but surely infiltrating every aspect of our lives. The smart phone and tablet are gradually changing the way we think, feel and of course the way we do business. The development o [more]
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